by 365colours

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album art by Nikaowho?

Alex Alcocer, Michael Valle, Russell Sams, Alex Lopez, Jeff Edwards


released January 1, 2017

all our friends



all rights reserved


365colours Austin, Texas

a rock and roll pretense gone out to pasture.

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Track Name: Gypsy Rose (ft. Russell Robinson)
I left in search of pieces
to a puzzle I had drawn
I walked alone for miles,
through many nights and many dawns
I played this game - thought I was winning
but then I found out I was the pawn.

Every night I close my eyes and try
to fight through memories but I don't remember why

I checked into a small town,
I'll tell you what they found in my head
Empty space like canvas, a couple good thoughts—
but most were dead.
They told me I was wrong now, and that I must leave town,
but with a smile I said.

Broken all my ties.
Free from all my fears and self made lies.
Don't take me as wise
for all I've found is
Found in open skies—
Open minds can't run off loveless greeds
Can't run off the guise
Which foresakes that we are one.

They strung me up by my toes,
I been tippin' the gallows way too long
Still ain't got no friend by my side, take that shit in stride
and carry on
Just keep walking down this same road
only one I've known
sing my song
Track Name: Ouroboros Mind
Don't waste your time,
Don't hang around and ask me all your questions.
Don't linger on conclusions drawn,
You know that I could guess them.
Your circle thoughts, Ouroboros Mind—
Easily I could rest them
With the flick of my wrist,
Strain of my voice;
Acousmatic Reflection.

I come around, you're feeling low,
You beg for my attention
Though, I might add, not in your average
everyday convention—
You bitch and you moan, cough and you sigh;
Smile and laugh, each breath a lie

I don't want to be
A part of your circuitry flaws,
A part of what's wrong with it all.
I can't stand to see
All my friends baiting their calls
with some veiled conversational-clause

Lie through your teeth, you have your ways
Most of which are deception.
Ride of your life, so hold on tight
I don't mind the awkward tension.
You think I'm dumb, I play along—
Does anything change now I wrote this song?

I don't want to be
A part of your circuitry flaws,
A part of what's wrong with it all.
I can't stand to see
My friends feign to laugh without pause,
their veiled conversational-clause.

I can't stand to see
The wave crashing down as it falls,
your new found psychometric withdrawls
Track Name: Whiskey Spells (ft. Sam Howden/Russell Robinson)
Fragments of memories
Remain from last night
I just could not get enough.
My vision became a blur,
My words began to slur
I tried to drink away my sorrow
Had no care for tomorrow.

(Gut wounds)

Spent all my cash thirstin' to be trashed;
What have I done?
I don't remember a thing after that drink
Intoxicating— I could not think
No more judgment, no turning back
Another shot of jack.
Everything turns black.

I awoke in a cell, bruised and beaten to hell
Innocent is what I plead,
I swear it was not me.
Track Name: Bear Cub (ft. Sam Howden)
I walk these dirty streets
Mind can't catch no fill
And even if I do not walk alone
I know that soon I will.
Gettin hard to remember
Taste of sweat fresh from flesh
Month is late September,
My better mind has left.

Footsteps walking thin,
Can't keep no steady pace.
I feel that "swoosh" of not so distant cars—
They keepin me in place.
And not so long ago I was a child
Pure of heart and soul
But now that child's gettin' stoned.
Track Name: Tasty Felix/Second Sight (ft. Sam Howden)
Tasty Felix came in just the other day
That mother fucker, you know what he came to say?
"I'm right here, but I feel so far away,"
I said "it's alright"
Tryin' hard to get In through the Out door
Never seen with his eyes like this before
On the floor screamin' "save me, save me!"
You just got too high

Taste of Earth and the smell of baby blue
You look up at the stars, they stare back at you
Ain't got nothin' to prove, but there's much to do
And we'll do that shit right.

Tasty opened his eyes to see
Everything connecting
We came together by coincidence into our shipwreck
Vision's warbled, perception is electrified.
He knew it all but could not form a sentence if he tried

"This" and "that"'s a contraption
Bound to get a reaction from ya
And if you're lucky then maybe we can get on by

We've turned into a monster—
We no longer fear the night.
Say "goodbye" to Double Vision
And "hello" to Second Sight

We got lost in seven sunsets,
Thrown in to the shore;
Bound and gagged and sacrificed,
But that beast still begs for more

I found my baby losing
'Til my baby, she found me—
We kick and scream and fuck and moan,
But that Beast won't set us free.

So now we're running through the highways, trying to break loose.
We might have slipped our heads out his guillotine,
But we have a slip them right into his noose.
So now where running, running, running,
Getting faster all the time.
Too fast my friends, I fear my voice
Can no longer keep the pace of this rhyme.